【山岡 瑞子 / プロフィール】


1998年渡米。2002年Pratt Institute(NY)卒業直後、事故に遭い帰国。中途障害者・帰国者の立場からの制作方法を模索する。2016年、バルセロナで初短編ドキュメンタリー制作。BankART AIR 2021への参加を経て、22年初長編ドキュメンタリー映画『Maelstromマエルストロム』完成。ピッツバーグ大学 Japan Documentary Film Award 2022受賞。第23回ニッポン・コネクション他、国内外の映画祭で上映され、23年12月に横浜で先行上映。第97回キネマ旬報文化映画ベスト・テン第5位選出。24年5月10日よりアップリンク吉祥寺にて上映予定。2023 年度 ACY アーティスト・フェロー。

【MIZUKO YAMAOKA / Director’s Profile】

Born in Tokyo, Japan. In 1998, moved to New York, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute (NY, USA). After graduating from college, she was forced to return to Japan due to a traffic accident in which her legs were paralyzed. After a lengthy hospitalization, she began working for the secretariat of a non-profit organization working for the disabled. While later staying in Denmark, she studied filmmaking and editing. After returning to Japan, she continued her studies at the Film School of Tokyo, focusing on documentary film. In 2016, she directed and screened a short independent documentary, “The Lost Coin,” which was filmed in Barcelona. That same year, she began recording her life in a wheelchair. In spring-summer 2021, she participated in the artist residency program at BankART AIR (Yokohama, Japan). Five years after she began documenting her life, she completed her first feature-length documentary, Maelstrom, in January 2022.